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Pumpkin Butter


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16.5 oz.

Packed in a classic pint size mason jar, Amana Pumpkin Butter is perfect for recipe filling or gift giving. A melt in your mouth smooth and buttery pumpkin taste. A nice variation from jams and jellies to spread on toast, bagels, or pancakes.

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Barbara H
The best!

Many years ago my family and I would travel to Amana every spring for a long weekend. It was something we looked forward to all year. The one thing I would bring home was the Pumpkin Butter. I've tried others but the Amana Pumpkin Butter is the best for sure. I recently woke up one morning thinking how much I would love some toast with pumpkin butter. Such good memories! I was happy to find an Amana store that did mail orders. They were so nice and helpful. On my next order I will include a special request for their English Muffin Bread to toast and eat with the Pumpkin Butter. Thanks for making this autumn one of happy memories.

Mike M
A real Treat

I have this every morning. i have the plain oikos brand greek yogurt and put the butter on top, and there you go. a great breakfast treat. no other words to say.