About Us

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Our founders embraced a pure and simple way of life. Pride in workmanship, a home in the heartland, and sharing good food with good friends.

Amana's reputation for quality foods holds strong. Our summer sausages, jerky, mustards, preserves, and treats are carefully prepared using heritage recipes brought from the Old World. We continue to be influenced by our German heritage and Midwest traditions as we provide savory foods crafted with superior flavors.

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Historically, every Amana village had a meat shop that supplied communal kitchens with food for every meal. Meats were cured the old-world way...with long-held recipes and a commitment to quality.

Colony's general stores provided families with necessities or, on a rare occasion, a delicacy that the Amanas couldn't produce themselves. Store managers would procure items, like sugar and coffee, from all around the country.

Whether shopping online for Amana foods or at one of our stores in the Amana Colonies, we appreciate your business and will continue to provide quality standards set by our founders. We invite you to savor these old-world tastes and to share them with your loved ones.